5 Must-Try Naughty Moves from Fifty Shades of Grey

You may not be a rich powerful business magnate like Christian Grey, but it doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the dark side to seduce your lady like a hapless Anastasia Steele. There’s no need to own a “Red Room of Pain”–BDSM is all about the mind games and relationship between dominant and submissive. Here are five power plays to copy from the BDSM-loving magnates toolset–and don’t worry, they don’t all involve whipping.

1. Make her think of sex often. 

They say men think about sex all the time, so constantly wind her up throughout the day until it’s true for her as well–you want to build up the mood so that she’ll literally be dripping with anticipation when you both get home. Grey sent dirty emails and snuck in lewd touches when no one was looking in public. Try swapping the emails for naughty sexts and give her a full-blooded kiss instead of a peck on the cheek while dropping her off–just be prepared to reciprocate if she decides to ditch work early because of your advances!

2. Power dressing. 

Suiting up doesn’t only impress the boss–when convincing women to let him smack their tits with a riding crop, it obviously helped that Christian Grey is a handsome and well-dressed man. Even if you aren’t exactly blessed in the looks department, simply don your finest gear while your partner doesn’t expect it, then, undress your lady and wreck her while staying fully clothed yourself–thus giving proceedings a subservient kinkiness.

3. Make her beg. 

You’ve set the mood and she’s feeling it, what do you do next? How about stopping and leaving her hanging? Take her from behind to break eye contact and do her slowly and rhythmically. When she begins to feel the heat, stop and do not continue until she begs for more. You’re letting her call the shots, but you can also reclaim dominance–tell your submissive that you will not resume until her begging reaches porn levels of depravity.

4. Tie her up and spank.

The gateway drug to BDSM, we’ll save the vaginal balls for later. Secure your lady to the bed with rope, ties, hankies, or even handcuffs if you are so inclined. Blindfold her and perform oral sex. When she least expects it, give a slap to the ass or other suitable target area. If you actually have a riding crop like Christian Grey, then by all means, go to town on her privates with it. If not, substitute with a belt, a rolled up towel high-school locker room style or simply a strong pimp hand. Alternate pleasure and pain until she is a quivering, moaning submissive.

5. Dominate her in bed. 

If you aren’t ready with some props, say your all day sexting spree paid off and she wants it right now, then dominate her with good old-fashioned man strength. Lay her on her back and pin her arms above her head. Enter her and use your legs to pin hers down as you do it. Save the sweet-talking for another time and just use her like a piece of meat. Combined with the right mindset, being used in this manner will make her feel like the sexiest piece of meat ever–or at least that’s how it’s supposed to go.

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