ToppCock Silver Leave-On Hygiene for Man Parts with Odor Neutralizer (90ml)


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  • NEW LOOK – TPCK ToppCock Silver now sports a cleaner and more modern updated packaging, not to mention an improved formulation that gives superior protection against odor-causing germs.
  • ODOR NEUTRALIZER – Leave-on hygiene gel with Japanese Silver Nanoparticles which helps neutralize odor on man parts, relieves itch and rash, and keep men’s intimate area clean and fresh all day long.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – The hygiene care product is infused with antibacterial silver nanoparticles and tea tree oil, and aloe vera for healing and moisturizing. Safe to use with high performance.
  • PERFECT POST-SHAVING CARE – The men’s intimate care gel is designed to hydrate and soothe skin after hair removal, relieves razor burns and perfect for post-shaving treatment.
  • EASY TO USE – The moisturizing deodorant can be applied easily to body parts at any time with no need to rinse like other masculine washes, perfectly gets absorbed by skin without leaving sticky or powdery residue.

ToppCock Silver keeps your Man Parts Clean and Fresh. Rather than a simple wash, ToppCock Silver is a leave-on gel that dries to a powder feeling. It contains silver nanoparticles as well as tea tree oil and aloe, all known for their natural antimicrobial properties. It eliminates odor by helping prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping the area clean and fresh all day long. Applying it could not be easier. Simply Shower Dry then Apply. And as everyone knows simple is better for men.


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