A ToppCock Gentleman-Approved Valentine’s Gift Guide for Women

Though most men don’t usually go for the cheesy, romantic stuff that some women like to do on Valentine’s Day, it won’t hurt to show them how much you love them by showering them with gifts. But while you might be tempted to give him the usual sexy boxer shorts, try these ToppCock Gentleman-approved gift ideas instead. Give him any of these and he’ll surely give you a mindblowing Valentine’s Day night you both won’t forget.

For the sexy, fashion forward man

Baudin by S/S Supply Goods (Php 1,700.00)

Made of high-quality wool paired with S/S Supply Goods’ classic paisley print. It’s double fussed to maintain the perfect shape. What man wouldn’t like that?


For the gadget geek

Otterbox Symmetry Series Limited Edition iPhone 6 Case (US $49.95/ Php 2,214.00)

A tech gadget geek who owns an iPhone 6 would love this new case from the #1 selling brand of cases for smartphones in the US and Canada, Otterbox. Not only does it protects against drops, bumps, and shock, but it also comes with an Alpha Glass Privacy screen protector that conceals the display from prying eyes. Not that your man has something to hide from you, of course. (Photo Source)



For the sporty guy

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire (PHP 6,795.00)

If your man loves running to stay fit, give him shoes that have the latest in Air Max technology, like this Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire. It’s sleek, understated, comfortable, and breathable. Your man can totally run marathons with this. Who knows? Receiving this from you might even inspire him to run marathons under the sheets too.


For the man fascinated with good tools

Atom Keychain Multitool (US $10/ Php 444.00)

Who doesn’t love a man who can fix everything? Help your man do just that with this handy, compact multitasker that fits on his keychain like any other key. It has sixteen tools that can fix just about anything. Your man will be so happy with this that he just might let you play with his other tools too.


For the artist and the Star Wars geek

Moleskine Pocket Limited Edition Plain Star Wars Luke Skywalker Notebook (PHP 1,140.00)

For artists who love to sketch everywhere they go, this is the perfect gift. It’s small and consists of blank pages where your man can draw to his heart’s content. Plus, it’s a Star Wars version and has an exclusive poster too. Enough said. Pull a Rose on the couch Titanic scene and tell him to draw you in your birthday suit.


For the man who loves the great outdoors

The North Face Hot Shot Backpack (PHP 5,590.00)

The adventurous guy who loves the outdoors will appreciate a new backpack to bring on his next epic adventure. This one is big enough to store all his essentials and is cool looking too. Better yet, buy one for yourself too so that you can have an epic adventure together and tick off ‘on top of a mountain’ in your naughty bucket list.


For the caffeine addict

Mighty Mug (US $19.99 – 24.99 / Php 886.00 – 1,108.00)

So your man probably has a lot of mugs already but this one’s different. This innovative mug is powered by a Smartgrip technology that allows it to resist accidental knocks and helps avoid spills. It’s so cool that he’ll think you’re cool too for giving it to him! Make the bed or the table rock as much as you two want, this won’t spill.



For the bookworm and movie geek

Silver Screen Fiend by Patton Oswalt (US $17.14 / Php 760.00 on Hardcover)

This book by New York Times bestselling author, comedian and actor, Patton Oswalt, is the perfect bedside read if your man is either a movie geek, a book nerd or someone who just loves to laugh. Read it together in bed and have a good laugh together. After all, a good sense of humor is sexy too.


For the traveler

Oakley Fives Squared Sunglasses (PHP 5,995.00)

Protect his precious peepers with this sophisticated shades by Oakley. These rectangular frames are made to feel good when worn and will look good on your man too.


For the man who loves getting a good head

ToppCock Silver Man Parts Protection (PHP 185.00)

If you’re expecting some action to happen under the sheets on Valentine’s Day, give this to your man to keep his man parts clean and fresh. It contains silver nanoparticles, tea tree oil and aloe vera that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that keep him smelling and feeling fresh without the sticky residue. It’ll make him confident in bed and for sure, that will make you happy too!


It doesn’t really take much to make a man happy on Valentine’s Day. All they need is to feel loved and appreciated by you. Do that and for sure, they’ll be more willing to return the favor and do what they can to please you too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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